Training's we offer

Corporate Training


We are prominent in the industry to provide corporate training in financial markets, Tax planning, Financial planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning and Investment Planning. As part of our service we also assist our clients to build their diversified portfolio to achieve their financial goals.

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Classroom Training


It is the best place to learn for people who wants to explore with direct interaction with our trainer. We take training's in batches and we also provide  1 on 1 Training. There is no age bar or restrictions on training, Any individual can  take the training in person or as a group.


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Online Training


We are specialized in providing online training across the globe as per clients requirement. All our training can be customized as per clients requirement. We provide training using Skype, Team viewer, Hangouts, Anydesk, Webex etc.

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At Gold Rock we offer training sessions for clients to educate them about stock market as an investment tool to meet their financial goals. Most of the people have a perception in their mind that share market is risky and there is a fear of losing your invested funds because of the market volatility.

This is because people do not invest time to understand the stock market, how does it function, what are the factors that affect the stock market, what stocks to buy? Most of these questions remain unanswered if you just open a demat account with any broking house and depend on the calls given by the dealer.  Therefore it is very important to reduce the knowledge gap before entering into the stock market because it’s your hard earned money that you invest. If you have the proper information and data it becomes easier for you to keep track of your portfolio. 



We Provide Training in Equity Market details as follows:

  1. Beginner Module (Certified Course)
  2. Intermediate Module (Certified Course)
  3. Professional Module (Certified Course)

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Mutual Fund

We provide a exclusive training in mutual fund to evaluate and build portfolio and also become a mutual fund distributor

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Derivative Market

We educate and assist clients in our premium derivative training program which helps to enhance clients analytical skills and transform their trading strategies. We assist clients in the following derivatives:

1. ETD (Exchange Traded Derivative)

2. OTC (Over the Counter Derivative)

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Technical Analysis

Our Experts help you to understand the co-relation of price, demand, supply and volume using latest charting patterns and trend analysis. There are other tools which will help you to become a successful technical analysis 

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Financial Markets

One who intend to learn the various investment opportunities including asset allocations and risk and reward evaluation.

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We provide training and assistance in  trading in both MCX and Global Market in the following :

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Oil


Forex Training


The Forex market is one of the largest financial markets in the world with a daily trading turnover of over $3 billion. It is a Global market and can be accessed 24 hrs a day making it one of the most traded globally. Over the years of up-gradation in technology and the internet, business and travelling has been increased drastically. 

It is not just exchange of currency that makes the difference in price fluctuation there are other factors that need to be considered before buying or selling any particular currency and this is precisely what our experts help you understand.

Our Forex Market course teaches you -

  • Certification course in Forex Level - I (Elementary)
  • Certification course in Forex Level - II (Intermediate)
  • Certification course in Forex Level - III (Professional)
  • Advanced diploma in Forex trading strategies
  • Certification course in automated forex trading strategies

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